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The Nettle Manifesto

We believe –

Inverness has a promising music scene
Inverness music scene is well established
Inverness has a need for constructive critisism and 
If you pay to get into an event, you are more likely to be able to fairly review the output as a member of the public.
If you rely on free entry from a promoter, you will feel inclined to write favourable reviews.
Inverness has an established arts scene
Inverness’ comedy scene is still emerging, and for the most part the comedy circuit is still finding its feet.

We want to –

provide honest reviews to events in and around Inverness
Be able to write freely, and openly about a gig, event or venue, and still get back in for a second viewing to see if it’s improved or not
Be able to write positive reviews where an event has left us with a warm fuzzy feeling
Write about the specific gig or event, rather than the legacy of the band or past achievements.
Write about the individual’s personal experience of the event, gonzo journalism style.
Provide reviews that are entertaining in themselves and interesting to read.
Produce reviews in a timely fashion, as soon after an event as possible
Give writers enough freedom to write creatively, and help the readers live the writer’s experience of the gig.

We know this to be true –

Most of the review websites or articles have heavy governance on content
Normally percentage scores or star ratings on websites and music magazines are not measured, or unlikely to drop below 60% 
Negativity is frowned on generally by publications in Inverness and the surrounding area
If a reviewer calls out an event for being gash, then they are likely to be less welcome back
If our writers personally slander or defame someone, they will be hung out to dry.


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