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So; you’ve stumbled across this website. 

You’ve lasted more than twelve seconds on it, and would like an idea of what it’s all about? We’ll conviniently we’ve got a page that will enlighten you with regards to this.

A small comment before hand; This page infers that we have frequently asked questions. The only frequently asked questions our mailbox has received so far are generally if we’re aware of ‘one weird trick that dermatologists hate’; if we’d like to increase the mass of a specific appendage; or if we’d like ‘some free supermarket vouchers to the sum of £250 for only 30 seconds of our time, and credit card details’.

So to clarify, the title of the page is pre-emptive, and supposes that if you do have questions, you would look for the ‘FAQ’ area of our site, as is the given trend for sites on the internet.

Now that’s out the way, let’s get onto the traditional FAQ style sub section.


What is TheNettle.scot?
Well, we’re a site based in the highlands, that aims to review events, shows, gigs and activities in the region

Who is or are TheNettle.scot?
We are a congealed mess of writers that try to seek out enjoyable events in the area and spread the love. Not dissimilar to someone taking photos of their dinner on social media. Except we won’t be doing selfies, our writers are anonymous.

Are you not a bit late to the game?
If we were here to write flowery pieces about music gigs, or be overly cautious about offending venues or bands then we’d say yes. But we’re slightly different.

What makes you different from other review sites then?
We have no content yet. But other than that, we have a manifesto, which we stick to, and our reviewing system is fair and accurate. We review the event or gig, not the artist’s past achievements. We have to pay to get into the venues. TheNettle doesn’t get free stuff, and we don’t have to keep venues, bands or performers happy. Our writers try to tell it like it is, from our own personal experience of the event. Our writing and reviews are subjective, but we also include a wee algorithm, that gives the event and performers marks based on certain criteria.

What is the point?
The Inverness music scene is fairly mature, mature enough to be able to take constructive critisism. It needs it. Constructive critisism helps development. It also informs people who go and see the events. There’s little point reviewing a band if you have to walk on eggshells; that just results in all reviews looking the same. Furthermore –  it’s unfair to artists that put on an exceptional show, to be grouped in with the mediocre. If we get some traction going with this site, hopefully it will encourage other sites and media in the area to follow a similar tact with reviews.

Are you looking for contributors?
Potentially, yes. We are hoping to be able to expand, feel free to contact us, either via facebook page or the contact us form

What do you pay?
At the moment, nothing – contribution to this site is entirely voluntary. We don’t get you into the gigs for free either – you pay yourself – just like everyone else has to. We are anonymous, and building a rapport with the venues would undermine our manifesto

OK what's this manifesto you keep banging on about?
You can find a link to it here

How do I contact you
You can contact us to complain, flatter, mock, or proposition either via our facebook page, or the contact us form here

All your writers use pseudo names doesn't that essentially make you cowards?
No. If our authors are cowards, it’s nothing to do with this. However from the point of anonymity it’s to protect our writers and allow the freedom to write fairly and openly. Every writer has a different name, which remains consistent throughout their writing period on this site.

Will your presence undermine existing blogs/sites that provide a similar service?
This is not the intention. The intention is to provide an account of the writer’s experience. It’s valuable to be sincere when writing, and if our writing can influence other publications to take up a similar style, then we would be happy. 

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